The Roadmap

Seed Phase

The Way It Was

For us it was excitement & joy about the project we would be creating and getting to know & meet each other. It's been amazing!.

Key Milestones

  • Successful Seed Round
  • POC & MVP Lunch
  • Great Community

Who We Worked With

  • Digital Agencies
  • Creatives & Influencers
  • Security & Launchpads

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Flowering & Nurturing Phase

Where We Are Now

It's Go Time $TIGERS! It's time to launch and fire up the engines. Join us today - Hold your $TIGER Tokens!

Key Milestones

  • Private Sale & Fundraising
  • Staking & DEX Listing
  • CEX, CMC & CG Listing

Who We'd Work With

  • Marketing & Influencers
  • Launchpads & APIs
  • CEX, DEX & Farms

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Growth & Expansion Phase

Where We Are Heading

Every milestone is a stepping stone to the next! The future begins.

Key Milestones

  • Farming & Mainnet Live
  • Addition of EVM Network
  • Secret Utility Launch

Who We'd Work With

  • EVM & Other Networks
  • Game & DeFi
  • Industry Leaders

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