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v3 AMM
On BSC Network

We are creating the future of DeFi On Binance Smart Chain. Unlocking The Power of The Next Generation v3 AMMs, NFTs & Tokenized Assets Offering DeFi-As-A-Service For Institutional Integration & Real World Financial Applications Across Layer-2 Blockchains & Other EVM-Compatible Networks.

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Core USP & Product Suites

TigerSwap Unrivalled Modules, Features & Functionalities

v3 AMM

Bringing concentrated liquidity to Binance Smart Chain. LPs can enjoy up to 4,000x capital efficiency, low flexible fees & Advanced Oracles.


Encouraging institutional onboarding & use- cases for real life financial applications of the Tiger DeFi suite while empowering partners with DeFi Services at the same time.

Tiger Games & P2E

Tiger Entertainment Suite, will support the P2E & Web3.0 audience starting with the launch of the Tiger Play To Earn Game on the ecosystem.

Rewards & NFTs

From NFT Liquidity mining to rewards, bonuses, lottery & so much more. 100% decentralized and win-win for all.

Bank & Lending Protocol

Low interest lending & borrowing across cryto assets on the TigerSwap platform. Make your money work 24/7

Governance & DAO

100% community owned. $TIGERS can participate in decision making & voting rounds before updates are released

Automate Smart Contracts

Execute contracts, select functions, define time/when to execute and create tasks in a user-friendly & easy to use environment

Limit Order On AMMs

Who says you only need centralized exchanges for limit orders? Now you can execute limit orders on DEX with Tigerswap!

Layer 2 & Interoperability

Enjoy scalability, speed and interoperability of smart contracts on Layer-2 Blockchains across EVM compatible networks


Why Over 10,000+ People Trust TigerSwap

The Most Innovative 2022 Project On Binance Smart Chain


Deflationary & 50% Total Supply Burnt

Non-inflationary with 50% total supply burnt. All unsold tokens will be burnt to prevent inflation.


KYC & Fully Doxxed Team Members

Experienced & professional developers & team members , KYC passed & fully doxxed.


Contract Auditted By Cyberscope

Contract security is top priority for us too. Contract fully audited & Certik audit in view


Ownership Fully Transferred

No Team Control. Ownership transferred to masterchef to mint reward for holders

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TigerSwap Docs.

  • Multi-chain & EVM Compatible

  • DeFi + Etertainment

  • Liquidity Locked - 2years!

  • Coming Soon To Other EVM Networks

How To Buy
TigerSwap Token

Always remember that no member of the TigerSwap team will ever reach out to you first & please double-check & verify whoever you are chatting with via our official platforms or e-mail -

Please click the link below to get whitelisted and make sure to join and follow our official social media accounts for next steps and updates. Don't forget to always read the pinned message as published on our Telegram Channel @TigerSwap_Ex. Take the first step:

We believe strongly in "Build it, They Will Come" organizational culture and as such, the Tiger team has never stops building and working on the product. So far we have been working on the DeFi ecosystem which can be seen here - We are strictly working by the roadmap as contained on our website. More milestones covered will be officially published and shared. Make sure to join our commmunity today to stay updated.

As part of our official roadmap, expansion to more chains is expected to commence immediately after the end of the public sale rounds. More details will be published so please stay tuned.

For promotional services please send an e-mail to or contact: @TigerSwap_Alexe on telegram to discuss. Spamming of the group will not be allowed.

The offering will be officially announced. Please stay tuned and your your $TIGERS token.

Yes $TIGERS will also be the native token of the play to earn game and also the governance token on the DeFi ecosystem. Multiple sources for you to earn passive income daily while your money earn yields around the clock.

We Are Working With Amazing People!

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